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Mara:-Chysapa nata valyuchapa reizy ta bie reih hra awh sala,kypachana ei hnei tlô leipa khiatala, daw paro thlathlipa tlyma, paothla paro thlathlipa tlyma ei cha awh. Chhochhielie theina hneipata bieru zydua nata novana zydua pahno khai hra awh sala, tlazy pasie theina tai ngiapana pakipa hnei hra awh sala kypachana ei hnei tlô leipa khiatala ,khapahma cha awh va na .-1 Kawrini mozy 13:1-2

Friday, 9 March 2012

PhD, DMin, MTh & BTh Marasaw zy ama Hmo

Chennai, Pamih 8 (Chennai Mara/ - Atanoh 8th March 2012 noh liata University of Jerusalem, Chennai, India liata Marasaw PhD-1, D.Min-1, MTh-1, BTh-1 ama la haw.  Vice Chancellor of University of Jerusalem ta zawpi hnota  he hawta aphua haw. Tano ta Doctorate Degree ahmo pa zydua ta tanotawta Dr. taba mu vei mania ata haw pavata, Dr. tapata aw ba awpa ama cha haw ba. Aly ngasa na chota, Dr. tapata aw bas u vei.

Daihti pathaona liata Praise & Worship chhithatuhpazy nothlahpa

Degree ahmopazy: L to R -Ls. Ngiarily (MTh) St. Sopai (PhD) Rev. S.T. Zawsi (D.Min) St. K. Baokhai (B.Th) zy

1. Doctor of Ministry ahmopa Rev. Dr. S.T. Zawsi Thati Chyupa:
Rev. Dr. S.T. Zawsi, Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) Degree alanga hainopa
Rev.Dr. S.T. Zawsi he Atanoh 8th March 2010 noh liata Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) Degree, University of Jerusalem, Chennai, India tawta a la haw. Anoh Dissertation Title cha: "A Brief History of the Ministry of the Lakher Pioneer Missionaries in Maraland: Dynamic Change and Its Growth" tahpa a cha. Ano he 2010 liata ECM liata Moderator a hria chiehpa cha ta, tahma he Saiha Vaihpi EMC Church liata Pastor acha ngahaipa a cha. Ano he liata a contact theipa a cha.

2. Doctor of Philosophy ahmopa Dr. Sopai Thatih Chyupa:
Dr. Sopai, Doctor of Philosophy ( PhD Degree) ala ngahi nopa
Dr. Sopai he East Maraland liata Lelaipi Khihpa cha ta, 2004 tawta Theology avaw chu lai ta, M.Div nata M.Th zy he Kerala tawhta patlo ta, cha khai tawhta Andhra Pradesh liata High School sakha liata pachutuhpa ta vaw hria lyma ta, chano ta Ph.D he a vaw taopa lymapa a cha. Atano 8th Marach 2012 Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies ( PhD) ta university of Jerusalem, Chennai, India liata avaw la haw hra. Ano PhD Dissertation Title cha “A Critical Studies on Christian Mission with Special Reference to Mara Tribal People” ta a cha. Ano PhD Dissertation he atako 2012 PhD Batch liata Dissertation phachaipa (The Best Dissertation) ta atlypa a cha.

3. Master of Theology ahmopa Ls. Ngiarili Thatih Chyupa:
Ls. Ngiarily, MTh (Master of Theology) Degree ala ngaihai nopa
Ano he East Maraland liata Lelaita (Old) khihpa cha ta unawseitano pacharupa hry liata aseihnai chaipa a cha. Ano he B.Th Yangon, Myanmar liata patlota, M.Div he Kerela State, India liata vaw patlo hei ta, MTh he atanoh Uniververisty of Jeruslem, Chennai, India liata avaw patlopa a cha.

4. St. K.Baokhai Thatih Chyupa:
St. K. Baokhai, BTh ( Bachelor of Theology) Degree ala ngahi nopa
Anoh he East Maraland liata Lelaipi khihpa cha ta, tanoh he University of Jeruslem, Chennai, India liata BTh avaw patlo pa a cha hra. Anota areida tacha, “Abeipa ngah ta hmo phapa tao tyh," tapa he ano Life Motto achapa hawta mania a chho pa hra.
Chennai Marasaw zy chhaota - Standing L to R: Mr. Moses C. Tehlo, Ls. Catherine J. Beidi, St. John M. Beilaisei, Ls. Nudy,
Ls. Manu & St. Sanga (Cameraman) nata Graduate na zy photo
Marasaw Bachelor tawhta Doctorate taihta Degree a series ta mania ama vaw la pa thei pavata, Chennai Marasaw zy dua ta eima ly hmeiseih hra, tapata Mr. Moses C. Tehlo ta alyna bie a reipa hra. Nohthlah hluhvia ary liata sopa a cha:


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